Tallis Wind Ensembles

Tallis Winds is a group of wind players, originally formed in 2018 as The Tallis Trio. Today, the Tallis ensembles - trio, quartet, quintet and octet - play together regularly. All members are professional musicians and live in and around Canterbury, Kent. The name was inspired by the composer Thomas Tallis, who was “vicar choral” at Canterbury Cathedral between 1540 and 1543. Their extensive repertoire is eclectic, and composed by musicians as varied as Tallis and Lennon McCartney...

The Tallis Trio [PDF]


This is a video of a recent trio rehearsal. The piece is called “Four Little Dances” and was composed by the oboist’s father James Walker.



Genessa West (Clarinet & Director)


Tallis Winds is based in Canterbury and consists of a number of semi-professional wind players. Playing flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and French horn. Tallis Winds give concerts, plays for weddings and for the sheer joy of playing music.

Its manager is Genessa West. She is a clarinettist and clarinet teacher who studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She has spent most of her adult life to teaching clarinet and saxophone in schools. But her greatest love has always been for chamber music. This love began to develop when she was a teenager. She spent most summers in the Austrian mountains, playing chamber music under the direction of the late Kerry Camden. This completely captivated the young Genessa, and left her with a lifelong ambition to play chamber music whenever she could. Since moving to Canterbury 5 years ago, she has made friends with a number of wind players living in the same area, and now, with more time on her hands, she is finally able to fulfil that ambition.




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Canterbury, United Kingdom

Phone: 07864 529589